Chinese food lovers in Hong Kong are not only in love with their country but also their local cuisine

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Chinese food is back in Hong-Kong, with Chinese-themed restaurants and restaurants serving the region’s locals.

But some locals are getting in the act too, with many ordering items from their local home kitchens.

The local food trend is catching on across Hong Kong, with the number of restaurants opening each week exceeding 500.

In the capital, restaurants have become increasingly popular with the new generation of millennials and locals who are keen to experience the food and drink culture.

Foods and drinks are popular in Hongkong as well as mainland China, with a mix of traditional Chinese and international cuisine.

The Hong Kong Tourism Authority has also said the region is on track to become the “global city of cuisine”.

A big part of the popularity of local food in Hong Kong is due to the city’s strong focus on food, with food festivals and the Hong Kong Taste, which is held each year, attracting thousands of tourists to the region.

In addition to local food, the region has a thriving coffee industry with many of the biggest coffee roasters in the world and coffee houses.

Hong Kong is also home to the first McDonalds in the history of the world.

In 2015, the world’s largest fast food chain opened its first branch in the city, and a year later the chain opened a second branch in Hong Chi.

“The growth in the food sector has been phenomenal,” said John Huang, the head of business development at Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce.

“We see a huge potential in the hospitality sector, which will make the region a very attractive destination for those wanting to visit the city and stay at the hotel.”

Mr Huang said the industry was also looking to Hong Kong as a place to expand.

“It’s a real opportunity for the business to expand,” he said.

“If you look at the tourism, hotels are a good place to stay.

It’s a great place for people to get out of the city to enjoy the food.”

For many locals, food is just as important as the country they are visiting.

“I love Hong Kong food.

It is so different from China.

But it is the best food I’ve had in my life,” said Yang Hong-ki, who works as a chef at a local cafe.”

Hong Kong has some of the best chefs in the region, and I love working with them.”

Mr Yang said the restaurant scene in HongKong had a lot to offer, with restaurants serving up some of Hong Kong’s best restaurants.

“There are some restaurants in Hong kong where you can just go in and have your dinner and you can go back home and cook for yourself,” he added.


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