‘Dogs’ House Of Hoops ‘A Must Have For Anyone’

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Loud House characters, Outdoor Cat House characters and the house of hoops were all featured in a new animated series that premiered at the end of this month.

The series was developed by the Australian animation studio Madhouse and stars a number of well-known Australian characters from across the globe.

Madhouse’s director of animated television, Chris Jones, said the show’s success was due to its diversity and the way the series approached its subjects.

“Dogs are often the ones who are left behind when a family gets a baby, so for this show we wanted to be that voice for that family,” he said.

“Our aim was to bring a bit of Australia into the family.”

The story is told in four episodes, each one an individual episode, each set in a different country.

The main characters are a dog called Big Bad Wolf and a house of hoop players named Mummy, Monkey and Baby.

They all have their own personalities and storylines, but all of them have a common thread: they all love the same thing: hoops.

Jones said that the show has been a big hit in Australia.

“The first episode was really well received by Australians and overseas.

The response has been so strong that we are now working on the second episode, and we will be continuing to expand the series across the country,” he explained.

The new series features characters from more than 50 countries.

“We’ve seen some of them travel around the world, we’ve seen them visit the US, we saw them go to New Zealand and see Australia, but now they are in Australia,” Jones said.

Jones says that he and Madhouse have been working on a sequel series.

“This is the most diverse group of Australian characters we’ve ever produced, and it’s all in the name of comedy,” he told news.com.au.

“It’s also a very Australian thing to have these characters come from Australia.”

Jones says the series is not just for kids.

“I’ve got my son watching it with me and my wife watching it too, and so are my friends and colleagues who are watching it and laughing along with them.”

Jones said he was not concerned about the future of the series.

“I think that the first episode is already so good that we have already built it up to be a show that kids will love,” he laughed.


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