‘Full House’ star Ashley Judd says she would love to move into a house of pain

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Posted November 03, 2018 09:00:00 Ashley Judd, who played “Full House” on ABC’s hit television series from 2007-2010, told Business Insider she would be open to moving into a “full house” house.

“That’s what I would love,” Judd told BusinessInsider.

“I think it’s very important that the kids feel like they’re part of the family.

And it’s a real privilege that you have an entire house that you’re living in, you know, with a mom and dad, you can share, you get to be with the same people that you’ve known for years.”

The actress, who is married to husband Brett Gelman, said her kids have enjoyed a home with “the same mom and daddy” since she was a little girl.

“My kids have always loved being in the same house and I think that was something I had as a little kid,” she said.

“I just think it was the best thing to do for them and that’s what we did for our kids.”

Judd also told Business Insider she would welcome a full house.

When asked if she would want to move to a house that was built for “someone like me”, she replied: “Absolutely.


When Business Insider asked if there would be a house for “me”, Judd replied: “[My husband] Brett is a full-time worker and we do all the work.

I can do everything.

So if he needs a little help, I’m happy to be there for him.

It just depends on what we’re working on and what the timeline is.”

When asked why she was willing to leave the house she shared with her husband, Judd said she was “not going to be a part of that” because “it’s my house”.

“I’m a housewife, so I’m not going to put myself in that position,” she added.

“You have to be able to take care of yourself and your family and the house, and if it’s something that’s a part time job, I can just walk away and leave the kids.”

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