How the GOP’s anti-housing tax plan is hitting working families

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The Republican Party’s new anti-poverty bill is a blow to working families, who will be hardest hit by the cuts, according to a new analysis.

The House GOP tax plan includes a $1,000 tax credit for people with income above $125,000.

That is about $40 per week, according the Congressional Budget Office.

That will only apply to families with a household income above that level, and is meant to help them buy a home, according a joint report from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities and the Center for American Progress.

The nonpartisan analysis found that the tax credit is a massive blow to low-income Americans.

The cost to families in that income range would be $9,500 per year.

The CBO estimates that if the credits were extended to people in the middle of the income spectrum, the overall cost to taxpayers would be nearly $300 billion a year.

The Joint Committee on Taxation estimates that the average household in the top quintile would see a tax increase of $7,828, or about 6.2 percent of their income.

The average household would see an increase of 2.7 percent if the tax credits were expanded to include higher-income earners.

The Senate version of the bill, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, contains a $3,000 credit for households earning less than $100,000 per year, and a $2,000 discount on purchases made to the maximum allowable tax bracket.

The Senate GOP tax bill is still pending in the Senate.

Republicans are pushing their tax cuts in hopes of persuading more voters to back them, but the party has made clear that they are not willing to work with Democrats on the issue.

In a tweet this week, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell called the Senate GOP plan “dead on arrival.”


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