How to buy a house for under $1 million

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New York: If you’re looking to buy your first home for under one million dollars, you’ve come to the right place.

As of Monday, a house in Manhattan sold for $1.8 million at a New York auction house.

The seller, James “Joe” Naugler, had no previous history of fraud or trouble with the law.

He’s been working as a salesperson since 2008, when he was just 17.

He has a home in Manhattan, a condominium in Florida, and a two-bedroom apartment in Beverly Hills, California.

The seller’s name was not included on the listing, but it appears that Nauglers past history of selling fraudulent homes began in 2009.

He started out selling fraudulent mortgages, and has since had several mortgage brokers and investors come to him to work out his deal.

Naugers name appears on the official listing for his two-story home in Westchester County, New York, as well as a mortgage broker and an investment manager.

In the end, Naugors name was listed as the buyer and he was also listed as a lender on the home’s closing price.

He was not listed as one of the sellers.

The home sold for more than $1,000,000.

The listing was put on hold for about two months after a buyer contacted the auction house to request that the listing be canceled.

“The buyer of the home requested that we cancel the listing,” the listing reads.

“As we have no control over the buyer, we were unable to provide any further information.

This listing was cancelled due to the buyer’s request.”

The buyer’s name is not on the sale listing.

He had previously filed fraudulent mortgage applications with the FDIC and was arrested in 2013 on charges that he was making fraudulent mortgage payments to a customer, a New Jersey man.

According to the listing on Tuesday, Naughler purchased the home in 2012 for $5,500,000 with his mother, who was also a mortgage officer.

It was built in 1912 and has a 5,500-square-foot living space and two bedrooms.

The house has three bathrooms and a walk-in closet.


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