How to make a pumpkin pie using leftover pie ingredients

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A new recipe for a pumpkin cake has gone viral after being shared by a family of friends and being shared on Facebook.

The recipe calls for a basic pumpkin pie crust, but the family of two went to great lengths to get it to look authentic.

The family, who is from India, posted the recipe to their Facebook page to show they were able to get the basic pie crust to look the way they wanted.

They shared the photo on Facebook along with the message “This is my first time making a pumpkin and my mom loves it.

Thank you for sharing my pumpkin pie!”

The post has received over 1,000 likes since it was posted on Monday.

In the recipe, the family said the pumpkin crust needs to be rolled into a log or pie crust and then baked.

“This pie will look delicious with the pumpkin pie filling,” they wrote.

“I added the sauce for the crust.

And you can make this with any fruit or vegetable you like.”

The family also shared the recipe on the popular Facebook page, ‘Pancakes for Kids.’

“I’m very thankful that the family members that shared this recipe shared with their kids the same love and care for the recipes and the same care to make the pumpkin look the best it can,” said Shubham Rajan, founder and CEO of the family.

“We are very proud of them and their love for making this beautiful pumpkin pie.”

Rajan added that the recipe was very simple.

“You can do it in 10 minutes or you can go a bit slower and get a lot more of the pumpkin flavor,” he said.

“The crust is very easy.

It doesn’t take too much time to roll the pumpkin out and it looks so good that you want to eat it right away.”

Rajasan said he was not sure how much of the crust was leftover.

“My mother loves it, so I will have to leave that out,” he joked.

“But, I am sure she would love it.

It is a good way to make this recipe that is perfect for a kids birthday party.”

Rajamant also added that they will have a pumpkin recipe for every child in the family this year.

“It will be a fun and festive event,” he told ABC News.

“Parents, kids, and grandparents can make the best pumpkin pie for the whole family.”


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