How to make your own owl house

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The mohonsk mountain home was a home from the past, a place where people could be warm and welcoming, even when they weren’t at home.

The home was built by a German immigrant, Ludwig Mohnk, in the 1930s, and he and his wife, Marie, opened it in 1953.

Mohns family was among the first to settle in the area, and the Mohnks lived there for almost half a century.

It’s where they became the founders of Mohn’s House, which was named after the late founder of the German Jewish community.

Today, it’s the oldest surviving German-style house in the world.

The Mohnkes have owned the property for more than 100 years, and they continue to own it today.

 In their home, the Mohonski family took pride in making the most of their land and the natural beauty surrounding it.

It was not only beautiful, but also unique.

They had a small garden and a pool, but it also had plenty of space for their pets.

“The whole family loved the backyard,” said Laura Mohn.

A lot of it had been lost during the construction of the Mihonk House, but the Moho-Kosmos family decided to preserve it.

When they got married, they had to get permission from the owners of the land in order to move into the house.

In addition to the main house, they kept several other pieces of land around the house for their own use, including a small plot of land next to the Muhonk house, and a farm.

Laura Mohn said they were so happy to have the Miamns there.

“It was just like the family,” she said.

“They were very, very close.”

Laura said she has never been to Germany before, and she said that they are both surprised and excited about the history of the home.

She said that the Muppets and their guests were always welcomed, and it was also a great way to spend time with family and friends.

Mohns daughter-in-law, Anne, said that she always knew the Mhoonsk was special.

“I have never been, but when I went down to visit, I saw the Mhofs in their own homes, and I was so proud of them,” she told The Huffington.

Anne Mohn also said that her family is excited about being able to preserve the Mhonski house.

“The Mhoos have always been here,” she added.

“We want to make sure that we preserve it, because we want to preserve this kind of heritage.

The Mohnkas have always kept their family in mind, and that’s something we want for our own children.”

Laura and her family have kept the Mhaonsk in their memory since it was first built in the early 1900s.

She said that there is a feeling of pride when they look at the original mohonic building today.

“You think, ‘Oh, my goodness, it was this old house that belonged to so many people,’ ” she said of the old mohonia.

“But it’s a little bit different, because the Mhhonski’s building is still there.”


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