How to save £300 on your holiday house

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The house of sunny will be converted to a bird house by the owner of the Owl House property, with a new roof, a new bed and new furnishings.

The house is located on the edge of the North West village of Newry, which is close to the border between Northern Ireland and Scotland.

It will become a fully-equipped birdhouse.

The Owl House will also offer access to the village, where residents can relax on the island of Mull and have a picnic or play a game of rugby or Gaelic football.

A second house is also being built, in the same location, and will offer more bedrooms and more space.

It is planned that it will become the second home of the family to move in to Newry in the autumn.

A further 10 homes are expected to be built on the property, which will be managed by Newry Housing Agency.

Newry is a former mining town with a population of 2,300.

A new home for the family will be built to house the new Owl House. “

It is great that the Owl Houses family has chosen Newry as their permanent home and we look forward to the welcome and excitement of the town in the coming months.”

A new home for the family will be built to house the new Owl House.

Newy Housing Agency said: We are delighted that the family is keen to make Newry their permanent residence.

This will be a wonderful addition to the local community, and it will provide a fantastic opportunity for local residents to enjoy themselves on the islands.

The new Owl Home is expected to take two years to build, costing around £150,000.

A statement from the Owlhouse said: Newry Owl House is an iconic part of the community, with its unique heritage, amazing architecture and rich cultural heritage.

We look forward the Owl Home to being an iconic and vibrant part of Newrham and we wish them well as they move into the Owl house.

Newrhagh is the only local authority in Northern Ireland to have two Owl Houses.

A plaque outside the Owl houses building says: Owl Houses were established in Newry at the turn of the 20th century, and the Owl’s have grown in number with more than 60 properties built on its shores over the years.

There are currently six Owl Houses on the Isle of Man.


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