How to save $6.4 million on a house in Colonial Williamsburg

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By now, you’ve probably heard that you should probably move out of Colonial Williamsville, a place where the residents live on $6 a day, which sounds a lot like the amount you’d pay to live in a studio apartment in Manhattan.

You’re probably also familiar with the idea of moving to a more affordable place like a city like New York, where rents are considerably lower.

However, Colonial Williamsburys is a town where the average rent is $3,000 a month.

And when it comes to the town’s affordable housing stock, it’s really not that far from the truth.

There are only 2,600 units available for rent in Colonial.

And while some units are available for $300 or less per month, many of the other units are just over $1,000 per month.

This means that a person living in Colonial can expect to make $10,000 on average in rent per year, or about $1.25 million in total rent.

But that doesn’t even take into account the cost of utilities, such as the cost to purchase a gas meter and electricity, and the cost for the water and sewer lines that run through the town.

In fact, the average price of rent in the town is about $900 a month, which is about as much as a family could expect to pay for a studio in New York City.

As a result, most of Colonial’s affordable units are rented to households earning less than $100,000, according to data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

That makes it one of the poorest places in the country to live.

But while Colonial is not the poorest in the nation, it is not among the poorest either.

The Census Bureau recently released data showing that the city of Alexandria, Virginia, is the only other place in the U.S. with more affordable housing options than Colonial.

It is worth noting that Colonial is only the third poorest place in Virginia, behind Charlottesville and Richmond.

And Colonial is also among the most expensive places in Virginia.

So while the average monthly rent for a Colonial home is $9,000 (which is less than the average annual rent for the average household in New Jersey), that’s not to say that the median household in Colonial is actually paying a high rent.

The median monthly rent in Charlottesville, Virginia is $1 and $1 million.

That’s also not to mention that the average person in Colonial makes about $18,000 annually.

If you are looking for a place to move to, Colonial is definitely a good choice.

You’ll probably find a lot of nice amenities in Colonial, such the nearby museums, shopping, restaurants, theaters, theaters and other attractions.

And if you’re willing to live farther from town, there are also plenty of rental options in Colonial that are closer to the community.

But for now, Colonial offers a lot more than just a cheaper place to live: It also has some really nice amenities, such an active recreation center and a community garden.

There’s also the nearby library, which offers a full range of courses on the history of the region, history of Virginia, and other topics.

There is also the city’s excellent museums and theaters, and even the beautiful Colonial Greenbelt, which covers a wide area and contains an extensive network of parks, trails and other recreational amenities.

So if you want to get away from it all and get away to someplace where the weather isn’t too hot, Colonial has the perfect place for you.

But if you do want to live close to town, you might consider staying in an area with a high concentration of affordable housing.

In New Jersey, the median rent for an apartment in the state is about twice as much a year as in Colonial—$3,700 a month—but there are plenty of rentals close to Colonial that could help you out.

There also is the area just outside of Manhattan, where the median price for a rental is about three times the state average.

The area includes the Jersey Shore, the New York State Fairgrounds, and parts of Hoboken and the Jersey City area.

If the area is too crowded for you, the area in New Hampshire offers a great place to stay for a little while.

And for people looking for an affordable place to rent, the nearby community of Westchester is one of New York’s most popular places to live, according the Census Bureau.

If that doesn


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