How to watch the BHG live at a free live stream

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Now that we’ve had a chance to watch all the highlights from the first half of the BHLX 2017, here’s how you can watch the entire event in real time.


Get in touch with the live stream If you’re planning to watch on TV, be sure to use the BHR live stream link above.

It’ll show you every minute of the live broadcast, so make sure you bookmark it and check back for updates.


Share your thoughts on the BHP live stream This will be the first time we’ll be able to comment on the live streams.

But for those of you who want to share your thoughts via Twitter or Facebook, you can use the hashtag #BHGLiveStream to share them with the world.


Follow the live feed on Twitter and Facebook We’ll be tracking tweets from @BHGPodcast and @BHBLiveStream, so we’ll also be updating this live feed with them.

We’re keeping a very close eye on what’s happening on Twitter with hashtags like #BHBGLive, #BHPGLive and #BHRLiveStream.

If you’ve got any questions about the live feeds, get in touch.

1 of 9 Add photo If you can’t see the live live stream above, the link below will take you directly to the broadcast.

If not, click here to go directly to where you can see the broadcast on YouTube.

2 of 9Add photo 3.

Check the live video stream for updates If you need to watch a specific clipart or audio piece of live content, click on the link in the tweet or Facebook post below and you’ll be taken to the relevant page.


Share on Twitter or Instagram Follow us on Twitter at @BHRGPodcast for the latest news, updates and behind-the-scenes. 1 in 5


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