New York Theater welcomes Jeff Bezos as show’s star

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NEW YORK—It is hard to imagine a better time to welcome Jeff Bezos to the New York Theatre.

A billionaire who is known as a champion of the arts and philanthropist who made a name for himself building the world’s largest online bookstore, Bezos was recently chosen as the star of the 2018-19 season of The Opera House.

In a recent profile, the New Yorker’s Anna Holmes called Bezos “the greatest of all time.”

And the show’s website has a special page devoted to the Amazon founder, with a short biography and video testimonial of Bezos, the story of his first book, and a photo gallery of his many accomplishments.

“The Opera House is a place of extraordinary beauty, a home for the creative, the innovative, the visionary,” the website reads.

“In this building, we hope that we can provide an example of the kind of creative energy and passion that can help change the world.”

The opera house is known for its dramatic costumes and a unique and colorful musical repertoire that is said to draw in an audience of 300,000 people each week.

In addition to the star power, the opera house also has a number of awards to its credit.

In 2013, the Broadway Review of Music named the New Jersey Opera House the third best opera house in the country.

Last year, it was named one of the top 50 opera houses in the world by the New Orleans Times-Picayune.

In 2017, the Times-Dispatch named it the best opera theater in the U.S. in its annual list of Best Places to Live.

In 2018, the magazine also named the operahouse among the best performing opera houses and the best in the nation.

For many years, the operas performed at the opera houses were part of the same production and that year, the stage was re-purposed to serve as the stage for a performance of “The Nutcracker.”

The Nutcrack, which was based on the classic novel by Stephen King, was a huge hit in New York, attracting more than 30 million people to the city and playing to crowds of 3 million people in the first two days of its run.

The production was also highly popular in the New England states, where the operahouses are located.

The New York Times reported that a total of 4 million people attended the show in New Jersey.

The operahouse also hosts the annual New York Shakespeare Festival, the annual Carnegie Hall Performance, and the annual Pops in the Park.

The company also owns the world-famous Manhattan Shakespeare Festival and the world famous American Ballet Theater.

The latest addition to The Opera Houses roster of performers is New York actor, singer, and composer Daniel Barden, who will be making his Broadway debut as the lead in “The Great Adventure,” the story that tells the story from the viewpoint of the characters.

He will be joined by his longtime collaborator, composer Daniel Clowes, who has composed the music for the show.

The story follows the lives of three young women who are sent to a remote island off the coast of Antarctica, the only place in the planet that has a climate similar to that of Earth.

The show will begin its run on March 25, 2019, and will continue through April 27, 2019.


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