Obama to send a letter to Trump: Don’t sue the president over the Iran deal

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The White House is preparing to send President Donald Trump a letter outlining the terms of the nuclear agreement that ended Iran’s long-running war with the West.

| AP Photo Obama to deliver letter to president Trump: It’s up to Congress to change itThe president’s letter, expected to be released Thursday, will be a direct challenge to the congressional resolution that was passed in the days leading up to the nuclear deal.

The White House’s move comes as lawmakers continue to push Trump to rescind the agreement.

Trump and his top aides have repeatedly called the deal the worst thing to happen to the United States in decades.

In his letter to Congress, Obama argues that Congress has no authority to pass a new resolution that changes the agreement or imposes new sanctions on Iran.

The White, the letter says, is responsible for determining what happens to the agreement if Congress doesn’t change it.

“I am deeply concerned that the United Nations Security Council has made it clear that it will not authorize the imposition of additional sanctions,” Obama writes.

“I have expressed my concerns to the president, who has consistently rejected those threats.

He has made clear that he would veto any new sanctions.”

Obama’s letter doesn’t specify how the agreement would be changed.

The White does, however, say it would not change the parameters of the deal.

The letter is the latest effort by Democrats to highlight the fact that the president has used executive powers to push the country toward war.

Trump has used his authority to authorize war with North Korea, to impose new sanctions against Iran, and to order military action against Syria and Iran, among other places.

Democrats have argued that Trump’s actions have led to the country being dragged into a new round of negotiations over the nuclear pact.

During his presidential campaign, Trump frequently used executive orders to push for a war with Iran.

He called it the “most reckless and dangerous thing that’s ever happened in our history.”

He also said it was the “worst deal ever made” and called the agreement “a disgrace.”


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