‘Panda House’: A small house made with love for animals

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It’s hard to describe what this tiny house is all about, but the creator of the tiny house says it all starts with love.

PandaHouse.com founder Jason Brown tells Recode the idea for the small house came about when he was in Japan and seeing people living in giant homes.

“When I saw this thing, it was so perfect, like a big house,” Brown said.

“It was a house that I could just sit in and watch, and I couldn’t imagine living in a house bigger than that.

I said, ‘Let’s make a house with animals.'”

Brown started PandaHouse.org in January and it’s been growing steadily since then.

The small house, called Panda House, has become a favorite among people who love animals, because of its small size and simple design.

“Panda Houses are tiny, light, airy, and simple,” Brown explained.

“We made this house out of recycled materials, and we didn’t have to make a whole lot of it, but it was still incredibly easy to build.”

The house was built to house four people, but Brown and his wife, Jillian, decided to put more people inside because they were so happy with the results.

“I was always happy that people were sharing with us their thoughts on this tiny home, and what a great time it was to have the entire house,” Jillian Brown said in a statement.

“I was also happy that we had a community to talk to.”

The family of five lives in an old wooden house in the town of Renton, Washington, and the small, one-room house has become an instant hit.

Brown’s website has garnered more than 7,000 visits since the tiny home’s release in April.

The couple said they made the Panda House because they wanted to show the world how tiny homes can make people feel happy.

“We just wanted to create a small home that people could feel happy and comfortable in, and that would also be beautiful,” Brown told Recode.

“It’s just a very simple thing to build, and it was fun to build and it worked out.”


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