SpongeBob House, the best SpongeBob book, ever

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SpongeBob, the world’s greatest SpongeBob fan, is now a bestselling book with more than two million copies sold worldwide.

The book was published by Scholastic on Thursday and is available on Amazon, iTunes and other digital platforms. 

The book features the characters from the hit show and has become a best-seller in its own right. 

SpongeBob House  is an animated children’s book series written and illustrated by Bob Henson and illustrated in the style of the SpongeBob SquarePants cartoon.

It was created by Bob and his team at the Scholastics and has been praised for its unique storytelling.

It has been the subject of several TV shows and movies including SpongeBob: The Movie, SpongeBob Movie: The Video Game, SpongeBubble, SpongeGummi, SpongeBloks, SpongeLabs, SpongeFruitBowl, SpongeSauce and SpongeBob’s Big Movie. 

In 2017, the series was nominated for a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Cartoon Program for Out of the Kitchen with Bob and the SpongeBubs. 

“SpongeBubs has been a huge hit with kids across the globe,” said Scholastically CEO Mark Waddell.

“SpongeBs popularity has been on the rise ever since the show was first aired in 1998 and has continued to grow. 

We are thrilled to be able to share SpongeBubbly with children who love this show and its characters. 

When SpongeBob first appeared on The SpongeBob Channel, it was a very different show from what it is today.

This book gives children an insider’s look into how the world of SpongeBob works and how SpongeBob can be the best friend they could ever have.” 

The new book is the result of an ongoing partnership with the Schoeps family, who are well-known for their books and products.

The Schoepses were inspired to create SpongeBob when they realized how many children loved the show. 

According to Scholastical, SpongeBillies book is a celebration of all that is SpongeBob and what it means to be a sponge.

The series has become an iconic character in the world, with over a million SpongeBabies sold worldwide and a record number of sales on iTunes alone. 

About Scholastly, the company that published the book: Scholasts book series has been recognized by the Children’s Book Awards, a national award that recognizes children’s books that are the best of their genre.

The company is also known for creating iconic products for children and adults.


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