TUDOR HOUSE rules out playing with a beer, cider house rules

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TUDORS are not interested in playing a beer or cider with a row house, the chairman of the Dáil committee on beer and cider has said.

The Rules Committee, which is made up of members from both the Fine Gael and Labour parties, has been examining the viability of a beer and cider house in the Tullamore Road area.

The committee is now set to consider whether to consider a proposal for a brewery in the area, a proposal that is currently being discussed by the owners of the former Tullanore Street brewery.

It is understood the committee is currently assessing a proposal from the owners to develop a brewery on the site of the old Tullaburg Road brewery.

Tullamores new owners are considering plans for a new beer and ale house at the site.

The current brewery, which was set up in 2010, was purchased by the Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown District Council in 2011 and is currently undergoing refurbishment.

The brewery had a brewery licence for 12 months.

However, in January 2017, Tullans then-mayor John Murray announced that the licence would not be renewed and that the brewery would cease operations.

The Dúr na mBanis Fine Gael TD also stated that the council had not made any application to the Brewery Licensing Authority for a licence to build a new brewery.

Mr Murray also stated at the time that the Túnaiste had previously said that the current brewery was a “truly great asset” and “will go a long way to supporting local employment”.

Mr Murray later said that he had made the comment “in the heat of the moment” and the TUD was “absolutely wrong” to suggest that he was talking to anyone at Túnas headquarters at the end of last year.

The former brewery has since reopened under the name Tullams Brewery and is now a new pub and restaurant.

The Fine Gael party has also been looking at the possibility of hosting a brewery at the Tíraire estate, where it would have a 50% share in the land.

In the meantime, the TU has been discussing whether to bring back a pub on the premises of Túnas brewery.

A spokesperson for the Dánal Ó Bheart, who chairs the committee, said the brewery owners were currently considering the possibility and that he would be speaking to the DMA on the matter in the coming days.


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