What is a curry house?

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Thais can’t buy a house without buying a curry.

The term curry house is commonly used to refer to an indoor or outdoor restaurant that offers a range of dishes, most notably fried chicken, lamb, lamb curry, beef and lamb meatballs, and lamb and fish curry.

Curry houses are usually owned by a local business, but some people are allowed to buy a business licence for their premises.

A curry house owner is a registered proprietor (a person who is not a permanent resident of Thailand) and a resident of the country for a fixed term.

The rules governing a curry home vary according to whether they are located in a township or a village.

A township curry house may be owned by one or more individuals, while a village curry house has an owner and a local community leader.

A resident of a township curry home can have up to five members and up to 30 guests at any one time.

A resident of an outdoor curry house can have as many as six residents and up of 30 guests.

The rules governing curry houses vary depending on the type of curry and the area.

For instance, in the town of Khon Kaen in Thailand, the rules state that residents are only allowed to have two people at any given time, and that a maximum of five guests can be in a curry and no more than five people can be on the premises at any time.

The regulations also state that if a curryhouse is located in an urban area, the owner can choose whether or not they will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and can limit the number of guests to 15 people.

In rural areas, the rule is that the owners can choose to open up during the day or at night.

In a village, a curry can be open to everyone at all times, but only the residents can enter.

Carrying on from here, the main requirements for buying a house are the amount of land the house will occupy and the type and quality of the property.

It also must be within the township.

A lot of questions remain unanswered regarding the rules governing the sale of curry houses in Thailand.

However, there are still some basic guidelines to follow when considering whether or when to purchase a curry-themed property.

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